Pain (other)

  • Manuscript on Delphi panels in transdermal and intravenous patient-controlled analgesia (IV PCA) in pain patients
  • Literature research and value story update in pain
  • Global value dossier and e-v@luate platform development in pain
  • Competitor landscape review and model in pain
  • Review of documents for strategic recommendation on the validation of a questionnaire in opioids treatment for pain
  • Analysis of FDA and EMEA PRO claims in the areas of pain and inflammation
  • Literature review of functional scales in pain
  • Development and administration of a PRO to assess needle pain
  • Workshop for the development of a needle pain PRO questionnaire
  • Seminar on PROs in acute, chronic and acute recurring pain
  • Adaptation of a price elasticity cost-effectiveness model in pain

Acute pain

  • Development of early cost utility and budget impact models for acute pain

Chronic pain

  • Core value dossier update in chronic pain
  • Targeted literature review in chronic pain
  • Manuscript on phase III quality of life data in severe chronic pain
  • Usability testing of ePRO devices ahead of their use in forthcoming clinical trials in chronic pain
  • PRO review in chronic pain

Trauma pain

  • Understanding the payer landscape and funding flows for trauma pain therapy in the emergency setting
  • Literature review and publication on trauma pain therapy in the emergency setting
  • Global value dossier and e-v@luate platform for a product in trauma pain
  • Global value dossier summary poster in trauma pain
  • Manuscript and structured literature review on product value in trauma pain