Ovarian cancer

  • Payer value slide kit in ovarian cancer
  • FAQ guide in ovarian cancer
  • Market access tools implementation guide in ovarian cancer
  • Standalone budget impact models in ovarian cancer
  • Evaluation of patient perspectives on oral versus intravenously-administered treatments for ovarian cancer
  • Survey development for treatment preference in ovarian cancer
  • Provision of consulting services to support PRO labelling and publication strategy for a clinical development program in ovarian cancer
  • Cognitive debriefing interviews to assess usability of an ePRO device for use in forthcoming clinical trials in ovarian cancer
  • Literature and PRO review in ovarian cancer and pain consultancy
  • Literature review and consultancy on ovarian cancer
  • Strategic consultation on oncology endpoints and analysis in ovarian cancer
  • Psychometric evaluation and score interpretation of the national comprehensive cancer network-functional assessment of cancer therapy ovarian symptom Index-18 administered with patients who have advanced ovarian cancer

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